No. 17: What I can do for you as your Digital Marketer

My second academic quarter at Western Washington University is almost over – this is a sad thing. On the other hand, soon one of my best friends will be visiting me during Spring Break and we will be on a short 4-day motorcycle tour trough Washington state and explore this beautiful area. Me, on my SV650S, and him, on his rented GS1200R! Man, I waited for this!


But before that, it’s time to sum up everything I’ve learned this quarter in Digital Marketing.

What I have learned in just 3 months

At the beginning of this quarter, I barely knew anything about Digital Marketing since I am actually a Business student with strong emphasis on Logistics, SCM and Retail. Marketing therefore was maybe not new to me, but not my major discipline.

And now, I feel confident enough to apply for an entry level position at a business which requires Digital Marketing skills. I did my extra homework, educated myself in Marketing and here I am. Not only going out of this class with a good grade, but also certified in Hootsuite (Social Media), Hubspot (Inbound Marketing), and Google Analytics IQ!

At a glance, this is what I have learned in these three months: 1) Content Marketing; engaging with customers, providing them to content they want, knowing what info they look for and give it to them, make them addicted to your source. 2) Social Media, social media relations through personal engagement, a consistent business voice, knowing the top and downs of the big 4, including their etiquette. 3) Email Marketing; calling for action at the right ends, making the most of a potential return. 4) A/B testing; just checking anything and test creative solutions. 5) Landing pages. 6) SEO, the basics of how it works and what can be done for a better result (organic and paid). 7) Basics of coding. 8) Mobile Marketing, trends and opportunities.

This Digital Marketing blog

Besides these lessons, I practiced how to blog and made a real progress (just take a look at the bottom of this blog page and you know what I mean). Writing this blog not only helped me becoming a better writer and practicing my English as a German, but also understanding Digital Marketing topics by writing about them.

Reviewing my stats for that blog I had following: 17 blog posts, more than 14.000 words, 219 views, 101 visitors. The biggest impact had my blogs last week! My blogging skills were at the max and this can be seen in the results of blog No.15 and No.16 of first week in march when I wrote about Mobile Marketing and Google Analytics IQ. These alone made 74 views and had 53 visitors. I am satisfied, this shows me that I kinda figured out how blogs should be written like and what people are looking for. In regards of Mobile and GAIQ I would assume it were the aspects of innovation and relevant news.

Why I studied Digital Marketing and how I want to make use of it

As a digital marketer, I don’t only know bunch of stuff concerning any of the mentioned topics above, but also bring lots of complementary knowledge in regards to the Logistics and Sustainability sectors. I care a lot about digital marketing as I believe that it holds the keys to future success to businesses online when it comes down to rising awareness, CSR and exchanging relevant info – this was my thought when I chose this course, because I wanted to be able to make a real difference in Digital Marketing for my future business.

I am determined to dedicate my career to social and environmental challenges. For me it is about real sustainability, meaning the promotion of life-quality, preservation of the environment and awareness-raising for a less lavish lifestyle in our societies. I dream of working for a company or an organization that accepts these challenges and encounter them with responsible economic solutions and communicates these to society (aha, Digital Marketing).

About me and Contact

My name is Karl Friedrich Holz, I am a German exchange student visiting Western Washington University for the current academic year (Sep’15-June’15). I am a Business student with a B.A. degree in Logistics & Retail. Back at my home university, the Technical University of Dortmund, I am currently enrolled in a Graduate program. Here at Western I am attending different but related courses in order to widen my horizon and to gain further important knowledge in Sustainable Studies (in economic, ecological and social regards) and Marketing.

Please feel free to contact me for any occasion, I would love to hear from you. My email is Your also can visit my profiles on LinkedIn or xing.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

No. 17: What I can do for you as your Digital Marketer

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