No. 15: Don’t miss out on Mobile Marketing. Also, a short intro to iBeacon “Every step you take, I’ll be watching you”♪

Mobile Marketing. Sure thing, people don’t sit just behind their desktops anymore. Today, there are many possible ways to access the Internet while being on the run, either via Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Since people do so, Marketing had to adapt. Presenting content according to the limitations of the different devices is one of the big tasks in that matter. You probably noticed it whenever a web-page wasn’t available in the according format and was then presented as regular desktop version in an awkward, almost hurting way, squeezed on your phone or other mobile device- like super small, with missing pictures and flash-animations, which your device couldn’t convert. Phew, but it has become better now and pages will most likely ask you, whenever you are about to access some content, if you want to read it in the ‘mobile version‘. So we have platform shifts, content shifts, and therefore Marketing shifts.

I was wondering how the usage quota of each device is distributed, luckily there is MillwardBrown’s AdReaction. They did a great job on illustrating how every country uses the different media devices and also how people multitask or react to advertisement via the different platforms. I did a comparison between Germany and the States and the last section was very interesting, it showed what people notice and how receptive they are in each country- check it out, left Germany, right USA! It’s funny, I actually can proof these conclusions based on my own experience/time I spend in both countries.


Together with different platforms and different content comes different SEO. Our friends from MOZ had few info to share at that point. They also point out the importance of a solid mobile page these days and give tips and reasons for you why you should invest in mobile and what you can to in order to be good at it.

Here is another thing I want to talk about, because I think that this will be revolutionizing Marketing actions on our streets- Beacons. Beacons are small communication devices which work with the Bluetooth-Low-Energy technology (BLE). Almost every Smartphone today is equipped with the BLE technology and the Marketing world started to recognize it for its purpose. I wrote iBeacon in the title because it is the most recognized name for these devices (apple started first to play around with them).

Like this clip explains, Beacons can be seen as Lighthouses that communicate with BLE-receiving devices in their ranges. So imagine you would be walking close to a Starbucks store with your smartphone in your pocket; a Beacon located at the Starbucks would notice your that phone via BLE and start communicating to you via your Starbucks App. The purpose would be to attract you/remind you of Starbucks (they already do a superb job with their app by the way). A message would pop up, showing something like ‘Hey Mark, how about a coffee?’ or even more tricky ‘Hey Josh, use this code to get a 50cents discount off your coffee if you buy it now’. Beacons communicate to the apps you have installed on your smartphone and your phone converts the received signal into a personalized message; so they will really address you by your name and they probably also know which type of coffee you like most and adapt the discount-offer to that preference. Beacons allow many more improvements among Marketing and Retail. I also did research concerning its potential use in logistics (for stock-keeping and security uses for example), but this is a different story- man, I could talk hours about it. Here is a short clip about how Beacons can change the Retail in-store systems. Just imagine, you could use the same technology also for ticket purchases in your local public transportation system or car sharing. Whatever, wherever- it’s nuts! I definitely will not be surprised when I walk pass a store or a mere sign and my phone will start beeping and showing me a little message with a deal or reminder. Luckily, for ad-blocker fans and people who get easily annoyed by such things, you can simply turn your BLE off and you won’t receive these messages anymore.

No. 15: Don’t miss out on Mobile Marketing. Also, a short intro to iBeacon “Every step you take, I’ll be watching you”♪

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