No. 13: Coding. How little it takes to make you a better Marketer and a better guy in the eyes of your IT friends.

It is cruel, a scene of horror and sadness when people try to write something on the web. I don’t mean e-mails or blogs, I talk about writing codes in order to build or edit a page or program. Depending on each and everyone’s skill-level it can easily take up to hours to do something. In most cases, it is about little tasks like editing a format or replacing something somewhere different, which is actually relatively easy.

Basically, learning how to code is like learning a new language. You don’t need to be the Master in it, but already a little knowledge can do miracles. Imagine yourself being in.. yeah Germany(!) and you’re spending your holidays there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk a little German, just so that you can ask for directions, order a beer and have some nice and charming conversations with the locals? You would have good times, better than alternatively getting lost somewhere, just pointing something on the menu and hoping for the best, and calling your German friend Karl every other time to ask him how to say ‘I would like to hang out with the locals, what are places you guys go out to in the evenings?’ You would be independent, you would feel successful, you would have so much more fun, and Karl would have time to mind his own stuff. (by the way just if you wonder, it would be ‘Ich wuerde gerne mit den Leuten von hier abhaengen, wohin geht ihr abends so aus?’)

Learning what numbers and symbols mean and what they cause when they are stringed together in sentences isn’t too hard to learn and it allows you to communicate better with the world around you. Therefore, getting familiar with the basics of HTML and other programming languages is always a good idea. As I said, smaller things like adjustments to layouts or change of font size can be good enough, this already safes a big amount of your and other’s time and effort. Also, imagine you work in a smaller company or even a startup that’s too small to have programmers. There you could be the guy who walks in like ‘yeah I’m a Digital Marketer, and oh I know how to dance with programming languages.’ Employed. You are the Digital Marketer+

If you browse the web, you will find many possible ways to learn the basics of coding. One I would like to introduce is the There you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and more. Each programming language has it’s purpose. Personally I would say you would have the greatest take-away with understanding HMTL a bit. Because HMTL knowledge does not only allow you as a Digital Marketer to write and edit codes, but also to do better work in SEO (by reading the html version) and Analytics. What I enjoyed about Code Academy is that they actually break programming languages down to their different areas. Just like how you’d learn a language in school. Vocabulary, then Grammar, little exercises majoring in difficulty etc. You learn which part of your code is responsible for which outcome and how you can modify it. The rules and exceptions, it is easy to grasp.

Another thing I would like to talk about briefly is this. Moore’s Law! According to that article, things are about to get really weird. Until now, our computers are running on electricity, using the binary systems. Now scientists came up with alternative methods of modern computing, for the case that we hit the point where our current computer systems cannot be designed any smaller and more efficient anymore. So here are some things which are introduced on Moore’s Law: Chemical Computing, Wetware Computing, Fluidic Computing, and Ternary Computing. In all cases it appears to move further to biological systems/life-forms, where progresses are made by the exchange of chemicals in fluids or reactions caused by chemicals. Comparable to neuro-biology. My imagination kicks in and I started wondering again ‘what if all living beings on earth, including plants and so are actually a result of alien computers. I mean, we are like computers, working on the exchange of chemicals and their reactions. Super computers..’

No. 13: Coding. How little it takes to make you a better Marketer and a better guy in the eyes of your IT friends.

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