No.10: Marketing + Sales = Smarketing / Inbound Sales ~ FUSION/フュージョン-HAAA!!!!

This animation nails it – ‘Goten’ and ‘Trunks’ merge into their uber-character ‘Gotenks’ who is finally capable of fighting the opponent. (DragonBall, you are so good).

In our case, we want to achieve exactly the same with Marketing and Sales. As we know, these are related but individual business fields that depend on each other. sMarketing/Inbound Sales is their version of Gotenks, the unified form that can perform on a completely new (service-)level.

Why is this necessary? Well, the buyer’s behavior has changed very much in the last decades. As you can read in the Guide to Inbound Sales from New Breed, customers today educate themselves over the web, are able to specify their needs and often made up their mind long before a sales guy gets in contact with them. The old outbound-sales-style of educating the customer and soft-talk-to-selling doesn’t work any longer. Because its old function became irrelevant, Sales had to change. Sales today has more the role of a customer service – it approaches sales qualified leads (SQL)/potential customers who already took few introductory steps towards one’s company and helps them with their uncertainty, listening closely, asking leading questions. Of course Sales also knows the persons behind the leads, who they actually are, what they do and what they look for. This is necessary in order to make this contact-experience of Sales as comfortable and enjoyable for the customer as possible. It’s about building trust, which can turn into a happy relationship.

Sales qualified leads .. man, how the heck can Sales know when a lead is sales qualified or not and how shall the Sales guy know who he is talking to or what interests his lead has unless he grabs the phone and asks? They got some random numbers/addresses without any additional intelligence.

Exactly, and that’s when Marketing steps in. In their fusion-form, Marketing supports Sales by sorting out the sales qualified leads in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey together with the necessary backup-information about these leads. It’s helpful for Sales to concentrate on leads which have a high potential of turning into customers (and not with marketing qualified leads MQL/leads that exist, yet aren’t ready to approach) and also raises their success-rate, because they already have the backup-info about the person behind the lead.

Having the right leads and the right info, at the right time, Smarketing can build the path to a smooth conversion.

By the way, Socedo is a company which is specialized on providing potential leads and offers a brilliant product that enables stressing out sales and marketing potentials by doing all the guess work and lead-info-gathering on its own. It automatically engages with your leads and does the all the steps of creating a relationship. An automated tool for personal relation-building? Isn’t that crazy? That can save you so much time and effort!

Smarketing is beneficial as we learned, screen-shot-2015-02-10-at-12-25-52-pmbut at last let me give you this small calculation-give-away. Finally, it is also possible to do exact calculations about how many leads you need in order to perform the desired service-level and sales-rate with the least input/as lean as possible. At the end, you have a better intra-relation of the Marketing and Sales departments, better lead and customer service, and the potential to save loads of money, time and effort.

No.10: Marketing + Sales = Smarketing / Inbound Sales ~ FUSION/フュージョン-HAAA!!!!

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