No.8: Landing Page – now things are getting sensual

It’s already in the word, but I have fun explaining it properly. A landing page is very much comparable with yourself, whenever you go out with the intention to impress somebody, give them your ‘wow’-side – be it a job interview or a date. It is the first impression which grabs your audience, uncluttered and bold. But same as first impressions in personal encounters, landing pages need to be balanced. There is definitely a wide range of possibilities how one could design landing pages, which also means that there are many ways that are counter-productive and scare the audience of. Copyblogger also say that in a very direct way ‘ crappy landing pages kill email campaigns’.

According to Mashable, the golden rules of good landing pages are the following (one can note that for the next date as well): 1) Clean and not too overacted appearance, 2) Clear signal to action and robust incentives 3) Attractive design. So, if you do it right you’ll get her num.. I mean the visitors e-mail subscription.

Please don’t take landing pages same as home pages. Landing pages are mostly pages which later redirect the visitor to the home page. Imagine a page with a pop-up trailer or latest trend/info about a company that appears as soon as you click on an advertisement-link or an e-mail-link you received.  That’s when you are being directed to a company’s landing page before you proceed to the actual home page. When I thought of examples I imagined landing pages to Computer-/Console-Games or Movies which would be released in the next two years. Automotive companies are also good examples with trailers to their latest models or gadgets. In general I would say that landing pages serve two purposes: Raising interest and/or collecting e-mail subscriptions (often in a form of: ‘Subscribe here to be the first who hear about the latest info to xyz’).

When raising interest it is important to make no false promise or raise false expectations similar to what we discussed in the other topics of Inbound Marketing. So don’t come with $100-Discount links which then lead to buy-one-get-two offers or so – this is classical tricking and a classical way to ruin your reputation. You’ll lose your customers before you ever had them (“I told you, it was stupid to pretend you were Chris Brown’s Manager. Why not just being authentic and true? Dude, she’s gone now!”)

‘Landing page.. is it called ‘landing page’ because it is the page the visitor lands on or which you actually use to land on your visitor..’


I just can’t stop haha – it is too funny to compare landing-page rules with adequate dating-behavior. Copyblogger made a list with 5 Landing Page Mistakes that Crush Conversation Rates: 1) Blowing the Headline, meaning the first two seconds of attention which shouldn’t be overloaded with information and poorly-matched promises. 2) Using the regular design, meaning to cut off all extraneous stuff that can cause confusion and distraction and finally reduce conversion. Get rid of wingmen and the clutter on yourself, be clean. 3) Don’t ask for more than one thing – that scares the guts out of people. “Hey, may I have your number? And oh, maybe your address? And keys?” No.. just don’t, also not on landing pages. 4) Ignoring basic aesthetics, mind your looks. 5) Being lazy. Things are not over after the first impressions. Keep things up and work on your credibility.

Furthermore, Copyblogger wrote down 13 tips for Writing an ultimate Landing page, 5 tips for the Design, and 7 steps to an e-mail Opt-in Page that will work. If you haven’t clicked on the Copyblogger links I placed so far, you should really consider doing it now – this paper is good and written in an entertainment way!

In addition to the info from the Copyblogger paper, here the academical 2cents of HubSpot talking about Landing Pages and the best practices. They describe Landing Pages as the tool/conversion process which turn visitors into leads.


At last (also from Copyblogger), here the 10 Commandments of Landing Pages that work:

  • Thy landing Page shalt have but one goal
  • Thou shalt not litter thy landing page with false imagery
  • Thou shalt not take the name of an authority in vain
  • Honor thy whitespace
  • Honor thy host, bandwidth, and client
  • Thou shalt not kill with boring copy
  • Thou shalt not adulterate thy premise
  • Thou shalt not steal content from thy visitor
  • Thou shalt not bear false witness
  • Thou shalt not covet

Love thy customer!

No.8: Landing Page – now things are getting sensual

One thought on “No.8: Landing Page – now things are getting sensual

  1. Your written English is noticeably better. What is the value of the landing page over a traditional website, does it have specific uses, is it just a fad, how do you use [insert previous class topics here] to drive traffic to your landing page?


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