No.6: Social Media. You and the world.

Every time people talk about Marketing they cross a point where they talk about Social Media. An everyday normal-guy would describe Social Media as places (meaning platforms) in the web, where you can set up your own profile and communicate with other people over their own profiles or meet them in some other section of the Social Media platform. Social Media platforms exist for many kinds of communication purposes: private matters, business, self-advertising/-representing or also combinations of these. The most popular examples for Social Media platforms are, oh wonder: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and you know which I mean..

Over the last years, Social Media has developed really fast and business noticed the opportunity to address the community via this new communication tool in order to be heard, be loved and perform viral Marketing, which would be spread by the community. In fact almost 90% of all people between the age of 18 and 29 uses some kind of Social Media. Hearing this, some business men might easily think: “Wow, they’re finally gonna listen to us, if we talk to them via Social Media. We just need to make them see us, be on their level and hit their interests. They’ll love it, yeiw!” Easier said than done.. what exactly can one do to seize the values of Social Media? Wait, what are the values of Social Media? What are the basic does and don’ts, how can one use Metrics and ROI-Calculations of Social Media? Phew!

Fortunately, there is MOZ. MOZ wrote this e-book which provides awesome content concerning Social Media and basically answers exactly these questions, and most likely every other question you have concerning Social Media. Here is the link to the page, but if you want you can also download the e-book here.

MOZ describes Social Media as an opportunity for businesses to create relationships to their customers (two-way communication, not like TV and Radio which are one-way communication examples). With Social Media, businesses can get closer to their audience, reach people on a different relationship level, create greater traffic own their other pages, engage influencers and gain data, lots of data.

I can’t avoid it, I need to speak about content again. As I mentioned in prior posts already – it all depends on what you deliver and how you deliver. MOZ says that too. People won’t longer pay attention to corporation which try to sell themselves, especially on Social Media Platforms. Authenticity, Credibility, Trust – that’s the goal, you want to be/have this. And the way to it is continuous content-improvement, with the visitors as directors (“don’t listen to the HiPPO!”). A business needs to provide valuable, informative content which appeals to the visitor expectations/needs that automatically leads to the quantity and quality of the audience. But this is not the only thing! Social Media is also a great source for product development or hiring people.

MOZ captures the experience of best practice examples in three general steps. 1) Building up a relationship/ deciding on how often and what kind of content which a corporation should share (like tips, individual responses, non-promotional info, job openings), 2) collecting and working with Feedback, and 3) keeping the Corporate Branding authentic and smooth by updating and adjusting all Marketing Channels to each other continuously (having a ‘consistent voice’).

Metrics and ROI-Calculations: Collect data → convert data into information → interpret the information. Social Media Platforms provide great sources for qualitative and quantitative data. You can sum up your amount of followers, measure engagement, times and Click-through rates. Sometimes you can even work with valuable conversation info which you gain from the relationships to your visitors.

Having all this mentioned I want to say that this isn’t the point where Social Media ends. It is still in a dramatically developing state and there are countless types and providers of Social Media on the world. Everything goes global, just as Facebook and Twitter went global. To mention few other Platforms from all over the planetwhich might be potential leaders in future, here a list: Qzone, RenRen, Badoo, Kontakte (VK), Odnoklassniki, Mixi, Daum, Orkut, Cloob, and Line.

We’ll see how things turn out in future!

No.6: Social Media. You and the world.

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