No.2: “Where did you come from, where did you go? ” – Google Eye Joe

This session I will concentrate on Web Analytics.

Before doing my research on it I knew only very little about Web Analytics. I knew that it was somewhat about a technique which allows an owner of a web page to comprehend how user on the found it, moved and worked on it and how these users proceeded after their visit on that web page. In short, Web Analytics is the way to find out about the customer’s digital activity.

For example an would use Web Analytics to find out on which channels a user (by organic search, Mail- or Social Media advertising as few examples) found his way to the amazon page, then to find out how the user moved on the page (screening various products and also doing links to maybe other web pages or blogs) and after all how the user proceeded after a transaction or why the user might have stopped during a transaction.

I read the article ‘Web Analytics, Q2 2014’ published by the Forrest Wave. It talked about the importance of Web Analytics in today’s world and which providers of Web Analytics might be the best for one’s business. Comparisons were made between Adobe, AT Internet, Google, IBM, SAS Institute, and Webtrends.

In addition to what I knew already, Web Analytics is also important in order to be able to create and provide valuable experiences to the customer. Web Analytics allow the measurement of success and indicate which adjustments on a page have good or bad impact on the customer. So, in addition to what I wrote before, Web Analytics is the way to find out about the customer’s digital activity and furthermore his behavior patterns and needs/interests.

In the example of amazon this would mean, that after observing the activity of a visitor amazon would be able to extract the good and bad patterns of the page and adapt the page more to the visitors needs by changing designs, language, offers, information, or generally everything what makes the web experience better for the visitor.

Coming back to the different Web Analytic Tools, Web Analytics providers in general offer their services in 1) collecting and filtering data, 2) providing inside into the business user community, 3) reconstructing customer-based views of interactions and 4) providing predictive analytics for the future.

Forrester Wave ranked the mentioned providers from above and their latest products as follows:

  1. Adobe — Adobe Analytics Premium
  2. IBM — IBM Digital Analytics
  3. Webtrends — Analytics On Demand
  4. AT Internet — Analyzer III
  5. Google — Google Analytics Premium
  6. SAS Institute — Adaptive Customer Experience

“Wow, how come Google is just on 5th place?!” Apparently the reason for this is that Google takes focus on ease/simple usability and delivers broader results/that specialized like the other providers. In other words, Google is user-friendly and fast, but the other providers go more into details and are more precise. “But isn’t Google the most popular provider?” Yes, maybe! Because on the other hand Google Analytics is providing its results as fast as possible and do not to forget: it is a freeware. This is where the popularity comes from, because also smaller businesses can afford to use it.

No.2: “Where did you come from, where did you go? ” – Google Eye Joe

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